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Vetusta Morla - La Deriva (German Edition, CD)

Vetusta Morla - La Deriva (German Edition, CD)

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In their home country of Spain they are celebrated as the new Heroes Del Silencio! Vetusta Morla present their third studio album "La Deriva" as an exclusive German edition including bonus tracks!

Vetusta Morla are currently the leading and most successful alternative rock band in Spain. With the tour for their third regular album "La Deriva" they fill the largest halls - three times the Madrid Sports Palace alone with 15,000 fans each - and appear on the stages of the largest festivals. Their rock music is international, but also recognizably "Spanish", not only through the lyrics, but also through the complex rhythms and the special atmosphere. After a first, small tour of Germany in autumn 2014, Vetusta Morla are now returning with the 'German Edition' of their "La Deriva" album, which is also their first release in Germany. The album contains two exclusive songs, previously unreleased on CD, which are certainly not bonus tracks, but rather conclude the artistic work, the creative cycle "La Deriva" for the band. The five local concerts will also be the last of the "La Deriva" tour. The album will be released in November 2015 by GMO - The Label.

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