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Trovači - Aprililili (CD, Jewel-Case)

Trovači - Aprililili (CD, Jewel-Case)

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The new Trovači album “Aprililili” will be released in March 2015 by GMO – The Label

Cologne, October 2014. The new album by the Düsseldorf-based Balkan ska-punk band Trovači will be released under the title “Aprililili” ( April, April, he does what he wants ) in March 2015 on the Cologne label GMO. The release will be accompanied by an extensive tour.

Trovači are four ex-Yugoslavs around the musician, journalist and author Danko "The Balkanizer" Rabrenović. Trovači combine 15 years of exile in Germany with driving Balkan ska, reggae and punk. This mix of styles is the band's medium for their self-ironic and likeable, sly lyrics in Serbian, German and English.

Since 2003, the band has cast its unique Balkan perspective on everyday German life and guest worker clichés, but also on global politics and heartbreak topics. With over 250 live gigs nationwide and three albums released so far, Trovači is considered the most successful band in the Yugoslav diaspora. In recent years, Trovači have played their way into the hearts and ears of people of all colors and backgrounds, regardless of whether they are native Germans, ex-Yugoslavs or immigrants of all nations - at Trovači concerts, people dance until their socks smoke.

Four years after the release of the last Trovači album “Malo Morgen”, the band was back in the studio to record their new songs. “Aprililili” was recorded in November 2014 in the Sing Sing Studio in Holland with the Bosnian producer Djani Pervan. Shortly before the album, Danko’s second book “Herzlich willkommenčić- Heimatgeschichten vom Balkanizer” will be published by Dumont Verlag on February 18th.

The album will be officially presented live on March 6th at 8pm in Cologne's Luxor, followed by a Balkan(izer) party. So an intense Trovači and Balkanizer spring is ahead.

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