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AG Arsch Huh

T-Shirt Arsch huh - Du bes Cologne!

T-Shirt Arsch huh - Du bes Cologne!

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The T-shirt for the Arsch huh campaign 2017 "Du bes Kölle! Arsch huh - vote for Jon."

The artists of Arsch huh have been committed to a diverse, tolerant and solidarity-based Cologne and against violence, racism and neo-Nazis for 25 years.

The current political and social development with the rise of nationalism, right-wing populism and right-wing extremism in Germany and Europe is worrying. Arsch huh sees itself once again challenged to send a clear signal.

That is why we are launching a campaign in the 2017 election year under the tried and tested motto "Du bes Kölle!" (You are Cologne!) that conveys the following messages:

  • ​Get involved and become politically active
  • Vote
  • Countering right-wing populists and right-wing extremists

The campaign culminated in a large rally, the Arsch huh-Tag, as part of the “gamescom city festival” on Sunday, August 27th at the Kölner Ringen.

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