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Mike Herting - Breathing In Breathing out (CD)

Mike Herting - Breathing In Breathing out (CD)

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Mike Herting learned to play the piano as a child from his grandmother, who had worked as a silent film pianist. He produced Trio Rio's global hit "New York - Rio - Tokyo", created orchestral versions of the songs of Wolfgang Niedecken's Bap, worked with Charlie Mariano, the WDR Big Band, Hans Süper, Jürgen Becker and many others.

Mike Herting is an exceptional connoisseur of the world's musical cultures, as numerous albums attest; his Sai Symphony was premiered in India in front of 100,000 listeners.

Now he is treating himself and his audience to a piano album with 10 of his own compositions and an African traditional, recorded in the legendary Riverside Studios in Cologne. Herting says: "I have been making music for so many years now, I have studied classical and jazz, I have travelled through India and Africa for decades and I have learned and played with musicians everywhere. For me, "Breathing in Breathing out" is the culmination of my musical life. All the musical dialects that I have learned can be found in this album ."

Clouds is a piece dedicated to the well-known Canadian singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell, True Home and Ocean Dream touch on the idiom of jazz, The Flower and the Thief features Indian scales, and African and European elements mix in the pieces Afropa and Casamance.

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