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Köster & Hocker - Dreckelije Krätzje (Remastered, CD, Jewel-Case)

Köster & Hocker - Dreckelije Krätzje (Remastered, CD, Jewel-Case)

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After 4 albums with "The Piano has been drinking", Gerd Köster decided to take another new path in his varied career and, together with Frank Hocker, took on the old Cologne song form of Krätzjen, a kind of early Cologne blues. However, Köster and Hocker did not create an album with cover versions but recreated the genre with their own songs, including gems such as "Sackjeseech" Wahnsinnig weede" and Buure Säu"
This album was long thought to be lost and is now being edited and released in its original cover

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