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Köster & Hocker - A's kla? (CD)

Köster & Hocker - A's kla? (CD)

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“A's kla?” is the name of the new album by the Cologne singer-songwriter duo Köster & Hocker, the hotly anticipated successor to the widely acclaimed success album “Kumm jangk” (2014).

Gerd Köster, without doubt one of Germany's best songwriters, continues his search for answers to the big questions in precise, brilliantly formulated observations of everyday life.

His partner Frank Hocker provides the musical accompaniment. The musical influences, which are also constants in the artistic work of the two, include blues, country, folk, rock and, especially on this album, a good dose of Cajun sounds.

The album was recorded live in a band setting over just 5 days, and with such great, audible joy in playing (just listen to the first song "Lümmel") that after more than 30 years of collaboration between Köster & Hocker, one has to believe in the eternal rejuvenating power of rock'n'roll.

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