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Jenny and The Mexicats - Ten Spins Round the Sun (10 Year Anniversary Album, CD)

Jenny and The Mexicats - Ten Spins Round the Sun (10 Year Anniversary Album, CD)

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Jenny And The Mexicats are celebrating their tenth band anniversary this year. Even though they only became known to a wider public in this country last year through their two tours and the release of their current album "Mar Abierto/Open Sea", they have long been a fixture in their Mexican homeland, in Latin and North America, and in Spain.

The band was founded in Madrid by the Mexicans Icho and Pantera, who had previously moved to Spain from Mexico City with their punk band, the Spaniard David and the British singer and trumpeter Jenny. Soon after the band was founded, they returned or moved to Mexico, where they played their way up from small stages. The release of their first, self-titled album in 2012 brought them great success and the two hits "Verde Más Allá" and "Me Voy a Ir". Since then, the band has been an integral part of the big stages and festivals in Mexico, and they have also conquered the surrounding countries, including the USA, in the following years. In 2017, the logical step to continental Europe and beyond the Spanish-speaking world followed.

To mark the band's 10th birthday, the retrospective album "10 Spins Around the Sun" is now being released. The album contains songs from the three albums released so far, but also singles that have only been released digitally so far, such as the Mexicats version of the Mexican traditional "La Bruja" and the current, successful remix of the song "La Primera Despedida" by the legendary drum'n bass producers Deep Inc. And the titles and hits from the first two albums, such as "Verde Más Allá", "Me Voy a Ir", "Labios", "Boulevard" and "Starting Something" are also available on CD for the first time in Europe on "10 Spins...".

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