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Hans Nieswandt - Flower Hans (CD)

Hans Nieswandt - Flower Hans (CD)

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Hans Nieswandt: Flower Hans - A collection of songs from the Hippie Era in a Disco Style

Hans Nieswandt is back with an album in which he presents his favorite treasures from the hippie era in disco/house format.

Hans Nieswandt has long had a special fondness for the "secret hits of the hippie era", as he calls them. The co-founder of Whirlpool Productions ("From Disco To Disco") and Holger Czukay Prize winner has often made disco edits of his favourite hippie pieces for his legendary DJ sets. But because it was de facto unthinkable to release these officially, he has now recorded cover versions with musician friends instead. From his time as head of the Folkwang Institute for Pop Music, he knew great singers such as Melissa Muther , Isabelle Pabst and Dominik Otremba . Or cracks like drummer Lukas "Opek" Joachim , keyboardist Ozan Tekin and singer/guitarist Dennis Kresin . Together with bassist friend Aram Sinnreich (New York), this gathering became something of a virtual band that never saw each other in person in the studio, but nonetheless played as one on most of the songs. Hans also brought one of his favorite singers on board: Kenji Kitahama (Friedrich Sunlight), who currently lives in Glasgow and is originally from California. After moving to Seoul, Hans immediately got to know other artists and enlisted them for his album: singer ABOPF ( A Bird Of Paradise Flower ) and electronic musician Hojin Lee . They can be heard on the second single "Friends & Lovers" , the opener of "Flower Hans", originally by John Koerner & Willie Murphy.

The core fantasy for this album was: What would it have sounded like if the hippies had already made disco back then? The answer: super good, of course, just with slightly different lyrics and chords than normal! It was important to Nieswandt not to rely on the popularity of the originals and to cover the familiar hits. Instead, he opted for rarely heard pieces by bands like The Youngbloods ('Ride The Wind') or Fairport Convention ("Tale In Hard Time"), who have been with him for a long time. Other originals come from people like Hirth Martinez ('Big Bright Street'), Kevin Ayers ("Song For Insane Times") , Lal Waterson ('Never The Same' and Bobbie Gentry ('I Saw An Angel Die'). With his hippie disco versions, Hans not only expresses his love for the originals, but also brings them into the present in an elegant way and makes them compatible with the dance floors of today's clubs.


1 Friends & Lovers (3:32)

2 Sweet Algorithms (4:10)

3 Ride The Wind (5:46)

4 Never The Same (5:36)

5 Tale In Hard Time (3:40)

6 I Saw an Angel Die (4:26)

7 Song For Insane Times (4:43)

8 Nature Boy (5:13)

9 Big Bright Street (5:36)

10 Never The Same (Acoustic Version) (2:56)

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