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Fug and Janina - Children's Songs Delüx (CD, Jewel Case)

Fug and Janina - Children's Songs Delüx (CD, Jewel Case)

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It's finally here: the debut album by the popular and well-known actors from children's television!

Fug and Janina have been on the road for years with their ukuleles in their luggage, enchanting audiences of all ages with their participatory concerts (“The Fug & Janina Show”, CARITAS Kita Tour). Now, finally, the most beautiful songs are available on their debut album “Kinderlieder Delüx”. The 16 selected songs are colorful, cheeky and funny, but also sensitive and have the potential to become catchy tunes. “Sockenlöcher”, “Das Geburtstagslied”, “Millie Bazilli” and “Die besten Freunde” – sophisticated and at the same time cool music for children that is fun and doesn’t drive parents crazy! “Kinderlieder Delüx” will be released on February 28, 2015 by GMO – The Label.

"Children are the most honest and demanding audience in the world, it is the greatest challenge for musicians to face this audience. We do this with full dedication and with great pleasure!" say Fug and Janina, who are already well known to children thirsting for knowledge. They have been delighting viewers on TV for years as actors in the popular shows "Wissen macht AH!" and "Die Sendung mit der Maus" (WDR/KiKA). Janina is currently a member of the sketch ensemble on "Kaiser! König! Karl!" (KiKA). With their new album, Fug and Janina are now bringing lovingly produced songs into children's rooms. All of the songs are their own work and revolve around the themes of the youngest children. With "Das Geburtstagslied" there is a new, beautiful sing-along variation for the annual celebration. The chorus is a catchy tune with a rating of 10 (on the catchy Richter scale)! The song "Das Monster unter meinen Bett" shows that fear can be mutual. “Travel in Thought” cleverly explains what you can do if you have no money but still want to go on vacation.

Every single song on the debut album is a musical surprise from the small-big world of children, it's fun and encourages you to sing along. In the song "Milli Bazilli", the cold-causing pathogen dares to sing a song of praise to itself. Full of malicious glee about those who have to suffer with a cold. Cheeky, how about that! The "summer hit", on the other hand, offers practical life advice - the ideal song for rainy days during the school holidays (which happens more often than you'd like). With the "Cowboy Song", Fug and Janina literally go completely over the top. The lyrics are peppered with current topics. On the one hand, it's about how monotonous work can be. On the other hand, it addresses the difficulty of integration. The cowboy from Texas struggles with language difficulties because his job has taken him to the Allgäu. Oh yes, it's also about immigration... And the dynamic duo doesn't even shy away from the subject of death. The song “My Hamster” is a sensitive (final) farewell song. “Kinderlieder Delüx” by Fug & Janina – an album not just for little music fans!

The CD “Kinderlieder Delüx” will be released on February 28th, 2015 (GMO – The Label / Rough Trade / Zebralution).

1. Unique
2. My inner pig and I
3. The Birthday Song
4. Sock holes
5. The best friends
6. The red balloon
7. Roller coaster
8. The monster under my bed
9. Summer hit
10. I like mischief
11. Journey in Thought
12. A cowboy song
13. Mendelino
14. My hamster
15. Milli Bazilli
16. The Birthday Song Karaoke Version
17. The Birthday Song

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