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Dunia & Aram - "Bedfellows" (Digipack CD)

Dunia & Aram - "Bedfellows" (Digipack CD)

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Even though Dunia and Aram will release their debut album produced by Hans Nieswandt in 2022, the two have been making music together for more than two decades, whether as a duo or with the bands Dubistry and Brand New Girl, which they co-founded. The duo's sound moves between sunny-melancholic, wonderfully puristic and intimate-sounding singer-songwriter melodies, 60's and 70's echoes, ska, punk, soul and reggae, mostly mixed with sounds of ukulele and double bass.

The duo calls their music "Street Sound", regardless of whether they are playing acoustically or electronically. The term helps the two, who are also a couple in private, to convey their musical perspective, natural intimacy and symbiosis to fans. Vivien Goldman, post-punk icon and friend of the duo, describes the process as follows: "Their intimacy helps this music feel serene and true, helps you tap into the veins of your emotions and maybe even feel release. Feel like we're fellow spirits with these in-tune bedfellows."

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