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Bundle: The Köster Package - Everything Hillije + Fremde Feddere additionally cheaper

Bundle: The Köster Package - Everything Hillije + Fremde Feddere additionally cheaper

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"Alles Hillije" and "Fremde Feddere" together now cheaper!

Order now the new audio book by Gerd Köster, the (mainly) Cologne reading "Alles Hillije" on a double CD and the current studio album by Köster & Hocker "Fremde Feddere" together for only €28.90 and free postage. The total individual prices are €17.90 (Alles Hillije) + €14.90 (Fremde Feddere).

About "Alles Hillije"

"Admittedly, Gerd Köster could also read the telephone book and would captivate his listeners – simply with his voice, sex appeal and charisma.
The singer, author, performer and sought-after audio book narrator prefers to read texts by well-known authors and unknown gems instead of a telephone book. He reads old, current and timeless stories and poems by Heinz Weber, Christian Thill, Wolfgang Loehr, Heinrich Böll, Gernhardt / Eilert / Knorr, Gerd Köster and others.
Tragic, funny, angry, raunchy, noble and modest everyday heroes take us from the old Cologne district of Unter Krahnenbäumen via Ireland and southern France to (almost) every island in the world. Bilingual, deep Cologne dialect and high German.

About "Fremde Feddere"

There they are again, the melancholic, happy-go-lucky Gerd Köster and Frank Hocker with their new album “Fremde Feddere.”
In September 2018, they were awarded the "Liederpreis" in Mainz - by a jury made up of public broadcasters from Germany, Austria and Switzerland who were not suspected of being Cologne-style - also in recognition of their successful 2017 album "A's kla?"

“The language deserves this,” they say, “and so do we.”

The successor to this album with versions of the couple's favorite songs was initially intended as an interim step before a next album with new songs.
But in the course of its creation, it became a "big", complete, original work. Not only because of the usual great Cologne lyrics by Gerd Köster, which lovingly take up the originals. The arrangements, instrumentation, sounds, the confident guitar playing of Frank Hocker, the guest musicians and the production by Dieter Krauthausen are also completely convincing.

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