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Björn Heuser - "Kopp voll Dräum - Nashville Recordings" (CD)

Björn Heuser - "Kopp voll Dräum - Nashville Recordings" (CD)

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" Sometimes you have to fulfill your life's dreams," says Heuser with a look full of happiness, contentment and wanderlust. "All my heroes - from Johnny Cash to Bob Dylan - recorded songs in Nashville that had a huge influence on my musical development. I always dreamed of recording an album in this special city of music."

No sooner said than done: Heuser contacted a renowned studio in Tennessee and the chemistry was right from the start. The dream could be tackled and become reality!
The adventure began in October, Heuser flew to the States to record the album there with outstanding US musicians. "I want to experience this city, breathe the music and I can hardly believe that my dream is coming true," he said before leaving.

And what a dream come true it was: Heuser was completely enthusiastic about the incredible atmosphere of the city, which was saturated with music through and through, during his stay. These impressions then continued seamlessly in the studio, where the new album was recorded in a short space of time and mostly "live".
When writing the songs, Heuser had the planned recording location in mind, so that "Kopp voll Dräum" is certainly his most country-oriented album to date, even if this musical preference was already evident earlier. But this musical title did not stop him from writing catchy pop melodies, beautiful, Heuser-typical ballads and songs that are guaranteed to make you sing along.

The result is a successful Cologne country, singer-songwriter, but also rock and pop album.

Recommended tracks: the rocky-pop “Överall”, the ballad “Su noh un doch su fään” in a duet with Julia Hoeger, the classic country song “Barfooss em Sand” and the forward-moving “Wo bes do hück Naach”, which is already enjoying great popularity at Heuser’s (sing-along) concerts.

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