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Björn Heuser - Arena Live (CD)

Björn Heuser - Arena Live (CD)

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Björn Heuser's sing-along concert "Kölle sings", which was intended as a one-off event in 2016 to mark the artist's 20th stage anniversary, has now become an integral part of the Cologne events calendar. The LanxessArena is regularly sold out, and Heuser now holds the hall's visitor record, showing that people really enjoy singing together. The "Cologne feeling" and the shared experience of the songs that make up the cathedral city's DNA is more in demand than ever.

The new live album "Arena Live" represents the magical, Cologne sing-along atmosphere in a particularly emotional way. The musical director and producer Christian Kock has used the finest technology to make you feel like you are right in the middle of the LanxessArena when listening to the 11 live tracks and want to sing along at home. Together with his five-person band, you can literally feel Heuser's joy in playing and enthusiasm.

The fact that almost half of the album tracks were written by Björn Heuser reinforces the impression that the Cologne-based songwriter is not only a convincing interpreter of his colleagues' big hits, but can also get tens of thousands of people singing with his own songs.


01 Let's sing
02 A Cologne feeling
03 Everybody met 4711
04 We live now
05 Loss et erus
06 With you
07 We give the Ahl a few flowers 08 En d'r Kaygass No. 0
09 Jraaduss
10 I'm a boy from Cologne
11 Homesick for Cologne

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