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RotFront - 17 German Dances (CD)

RotFront - 17 German Dances (CD)

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Three years have passed since the release of “VisaFree”, RotFront’s second and so far last album. During this time, the Berlin-based Emigrantski Raggamuffin collective has toured diligently, first through Germany and then across Europe. And no matter where they played, whether in the Netherlands or Russia, Hungary or Luxembourg, the band’s musicians soon realised that they were perceived as German artists. And this despite the fact that the band always put their migrant background in the foreground. At the very latest, when RotFront members Yuriy and Simon discovered their first CD “Emigrantski Raggamuffin” in a Romanian record store in the “Music from Germany” drawer between Kraftwerk and Rammstein, it suddenly became clear to them – yes, RotFront actually does make German music!

The band combines reggae and punk rock, ska and hip hop, cumbia and klezmer, polka and soul – on RotFront’s third album you have the opportunity to hear how perfect harmony emerges from chaos.

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