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Gerd Köster - "Alles Hillije" (2CD, Cologne reading)

Gerd Köster - "Alles Hillije" (2CD, Cologne reading)

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Gerd Köster publishes Cologne reading as double album "Alles Hilije"

Double CD as a recording of the reading “Deep Cologne and High German” from November 2019 from the Cologne-Porzer Eltzhof.

Admittedly, Gerd Köster could also read the telephone book and would captivate his listeners – simply with his voice, sex appeal and charisma.
The singer, author, performer and sought-after audio book narrator prefers to read texts by well-known authors and unknown gems instead of a telephone book. He reads old, current and timeless stories and poems by Heinz Weber, Christian Thill, Wolfgang Loehr, Heinrich Böll, Gernhardt / Eilert / Knorr, Gerd Köster and others.

Tragic, funny, angry, raunchy, noble and modest everyday heroes take us from the old Cologne district of Unter Krahnenbäumen via Ireland and southern France to (almost) every island in the world. Bilingual, deep Cologne dialect and high German.

The "Book Review" wrote about Köster's speaking skills: "Köster keeps changing his tone - depending on the mood and character - and thus creates almost a one-person radio play. A whole ensemble of speakers could hardly do it better." Köster impresses with his warm and full voice with the deep, rough tone. In this way he fills each character with individual life and gives them an acoustic character. Also because Gerd Köster "burns" as a reader - from the inside out - as he should! The audience will be brilliantly entertained and feel emotionally touched."

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